A Friend Who Will Hold Your Hand


We are all trying to move further ahead in life and be in a better place than we are today or have been in the past; there is always room for improvement. We find a lot of areas that need working upon be it in terms of our education, financial management, relationships or our nature. We may have set a list of goals for ourselves but we don’t know how to actually achieve them. It is even possible that we are doing one thing in life but it never really feels right and we don’t feel good about it.

If you have these questions too, maybe your answer is a coach. That’s right! Now you may be thinking about some man in his middle ages, a cap on his head cheering for his team and instructing them on how to play the game. While the coach I’m talking about will also be instructing you on how to play this game called life, he won’t necessarily look like a usual coach.

I’m talking about a life coach. This person is equipped with everything that

Why Should She Respect You If You Have Nothing To Offer?


In reality though the real reason why she does not respect you is because of this!

You have nothing to offer as far as getting your life together.

Yes getting yourself together for yourself so that they will notice you, crave your attention, be around you. When you got yourself together you feel better, look better and command respect.

Women like to talk smack and make you feel bad about your manliness but do not fall for this nonsense because they do want a man who acts like a man, does things like men and can handle himself in any situation without falling to their knees and giving up!

By nature women need to be with men and men need to be with women.

Women also want a man who has resources, which is why Rich Men always do better with the women than Poor Men. There is no turning this around as this is how Nature works. The one with the most resources gets to breed while the one who has no resources is left watching on the sidelines.

Do me the favor and stop rolling

Our Responsibility As A Spouse


Our responsibility as a spouse as defined in the Book of Ephesians is to love the other as our own body and to show respect.

That is the ultimate ingredient for a happy marriage. But the Bible doesn’t go into detail about what to do when your spouse wants to go off and pursue his dream or work on personal development and become a whole new person. But the bigger question is: does it really need to? Like we can’t figure out from “love your spouse like your own body” that just because a spouse wants to better himself doesn’t mean we should throw up the walls and forbid it.

Today’s culture is so focused on the here and now and instant gratification that many of us are willing to drop something if it isn’t working out. Today, we see married couples separating for a number of reasons. When life gets a little rough, they are quick to call it quits and move onto what they think are greener pastures.

Where is the commitment? What happened to the marriage vows they took at their

My Spouse Wants A Separation And Refuses To Let Me Explain Myself

It never feels quite fair when your spouse wants to leave you or pursue a marital separation. There is always that feeling that he could have been more patient, more open minded, or more willing to compromise. And it feels particularly unfair when he won’t let you talk in order to explain yourself — especially if it is your actions that brought this on in the first place.

A wife might explain: “my husband is furious with me because I told him that I was going out of town to see my sister when in fact I stayed with an old girlfriend that my husband doesn’t approve of. I was best friends with this person at a time in my life that I am not proud of. I was using alcohol and doing risky things when we were friends, but I have turned my life around. My husband feels that this friend is an awful influence on me and he does not like the person I used to be. I think that it was an understood agreement between us (although we never spoke at length about it) that I was supposed to not have contact with this friend anymore. And

11 Sneaky Intimacy Tricks

1. Greet your partner in a way that creates deeper connection.

Pay attention to how you greet your partner. Is it with a list of chores? Or problems? Or just a sideways ‘Hi’ without any eye contact?

What to do instead:

Stop what you are doing; your partner deserves a minute of your undivided attention. Look at them, smile, hug and hold them dearly while hugging for at least 10 seconds (champions go for a whole minute! Let me know if it’s you here). This is better done in silence.

Your relationship will benefit immensely! And this will only take a minute, at most two.

2. Add a 30-seconds kiss to your daily routine.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Remember how you used to love kissing in the beginning of your relationship? It’s time to go back to that feeling! Kiss, be fully present and explore different ways of kissing.

3. Sneak a loving sexy note.

Write a note for your partner and put it in their pocket or be creative with your bath mirror.

How easy is this?!?


Post a photo of your note here! I’d be delighted to see your creativity.

4. Focus on loving thoughts.

Look at your partner and think loving thoughts, feel love in your

How to Be Adamant About Winning the Love of Your Life

You have reached your late twenties or early thirties. You are on the look out for that special person in your life and would like to settle down in life. But how can you be adamant about winning the love of your life? Now that’s interesting. Read on for highlights.

My Dad was a perfect bachelor when he became friends with my Uncle through one of his social/professional clubs. Uncle asked Dad to visit a town with him where he was going on a training. In that little town, Uncle visited his in-laws’ place.

While they were waiting for the hosts to arrive in the external living room on the ground floor, Dad flipped through the pages of the host family album.

Soon he came across a lady’s photograph which caught his attention at large. He asked Uncle about her and he confided that she was his wife’s much younger sister.

After leaving the place that evening, Dad couldn’t forget the lady in the photograph. Uncle guessed what was going through his mind and decided to help him out.

The very next day he gave a proposal for that lady in photograph on behalf of Dad. His in-laws were discouraged at the sight of

Is It Love? Is It Abuse? Is It Neediness?

They met at the workplace and began dating. A few months later he moved in with her, to her own place. As a divorced man, having owned no property (he never told her whether he ever had one and whether he left it to his ex), he was happy for not having to extend a contract on a leased apartment.

So far so good: They were “in love”. They dreamt about life together, “until death will do us part”. They enjoyed coming back home after work, sitting on the bench, looking at the sunset, eating dinner together, with a good bottle of wine, night after night, as if they have done it for decades.

… And time went by. And they gotten used to each other – whatever “used” means. And they got accustomed to life’s routine, life’s structure together.

And then one day, out of the blue (or was it a stormy day?) he asked her if it will be o.k. that he’ll bring his adult son to live with them; he is 20, unemployed at the moment. Would she mind?

We don’t know whether she minded or not. We can believe that, in all probability, she didn’t mind. After all, who

Marriage Success

Dear Ones,

In the Hindu family, mutual respect, love and understanding are the bedrock of harmony. By not fighting, arguing or criticizing, members cultivate a spiritual environment in which all may progress.

Hindu ideals of manhood and womanhood and their interaction are among the most subtle, insightful and graceful in all the world. When followed, these principles strengthen man and woman, sustain a joyous and balanced marriage, and stabilize the family. Of course, such high ideals are rarely followed to perfection. But the soul’s inner perfection is naturally revealed in the attempt.

I am a born again Hindu, 73 years young. I have had 8 children, (7 surviving), by 5 beautiful mothers, but until I studied with my Guru I could never get a relationship to last more than 12 years. Many lasted less.

First of all my Guru taught us that men and women’s minds are different. A man will make a decision on what he thinks, on his analysis of the matter. On the other hand a woman will decide on how she feels about it. I do not mean that men cannot act on gut feelings, but thinking is more common. So how does this work. For one, you, as a

So What Stands in Your Way From Having a Satisfying Relationship? Finding Out Is the Key to Success

Many women are quite “susceptible” to suffer after a broken relationship. The reasons might be many, and might differ from one woman to another. However, the main issue is, whether a woman can “learn” how to maintain a successful intimate relationship and not having the need to look for a new partner time and again. The answer is quite a simple one: when you develop Self-Awareness, getting to understand what, in your attitudes and behaviors cause a relationship to fail, you can then become empowered to develop and maintain a successful intimacy.

Some of the ways by which you sabotage your relationships

To love and be loved is wonderful. However, when you love “without borders”; when you give of yourself unconditionally (which is very romantic); when you “sacrifice” yourself “at the altar of the relationship”; when you let your partner dictate the nature of the relationship (or lack of), rather than making sure you have a relationship of mutual give & take, you then might find yourself, time and again, frustrated, bitter, sad and alone.

What makes you behave in such self-sabotaging ways?

The reasons might be many, and might differ from one woman to another. You might behave that way out of